Camp++ 0x7e3

Oldschool is still cool
2019-07-26, 14:30–15:30, Klapka

History repeats itself. All the time. If we learn the lessons from the
past and be mindful of what has already happened within the science of hacking,
we can move forward, spending time and energy on creating new technology and
techniques, and advancing the field. But we must never forget the instructive
lessons of the past.

Our hacking journey will start with blue and red boxes and bypassing the “one
phone call” restriction. More than 50 years later you can hack smart vending
machines with similar techniques. Technology may have evolved, but hacking
concepts remain the same.

Bulletin Board Systems were the first places to share information about hacking.
But they weren’t merely the place to share information – they were themselves
the target of hacking. A ZIP vulnerability was widely exploited to hack BBSs.
In 2018 the same hack was reinvented and overhyped.

The concepts of the ancient +++ath0 modem hack will be covered.

The Morris worm from 1988 was as sophisticated as worms like NotPetya from 2017.

Besides old school hacking, I will cover topics like Gopher, Usenet, IRC, Fluxay
and ezines.

You can learn how to pwn a misconfigured Windows 95 and achieve interactive
remote code execution on it. A Metasploit module will be released so that you
can pwn Win95 during your red teaming exercises.

Presentation slides