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»Why 48V is good for you«
2019-07-25, 18:45–19:15, Klapka

A 48V DC grid on the small scale reduces the need for AC/DC conversion, and provides efficiency gains not only for off-grid systems.

There's not enough (talk about) open 48V DC power hardware. We'd like to change this, for a greener future. 48V can deliver enough power to be practical, while it's still safe to handle. We will show how it makes things easier to have a small 48V grid even at home (home automation, homelab) and of course, for off-grid use and hacker camps. To show that it's not all just magic smoke and mirrors, we'll show some open hardware too.

What we will talk about: 1. Reasons for 48V 2. DC/DC conversion in a nutshell 3. (Open-) Hardware 4. Future