Camp++ 0x7e3

Setting small fully redundant datacenter on a budget. How hard can it be?
2019-07-25, 19:30–20:30, Klapka

Spoiler: It turns out to be very hard!

I want to tell you about the lessons that I have learned the hard way
when I extended my datacenter from one server setup to a multiserver
setup. I tested out several ways to actually do the virtualization on
those systems, from lxc over kvm to libvirt and finally oVirt which I
currently use.

I had some brilliant missideas while planning this like putting storage
and computenode services on the same host or even writing my own
virtualization engine in ansible, because no one did it
before, needless to say: that was a failure.

And while testing out ways to set it up, I also discovered some very
interesting bugs on the way.