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Privacy enhanced team collaboration with CryptPad
2020-08-22, 18:00–18:30, Klapka

Online collaboration is a handy tool in todays work environments. Sadly, most available tools do not respect the privacy of their users or even actively harvest their data and documents.
I'd like to show you how you can collaborate on documents without disclosing your contents to the server and respect the privacy of your users.

CryptPad is an Opensource solution for end-to-end-encrypted online collaboration. It's similar in nature to the good old plaintext Etherpads but fully encrypted and a modern web application. It's as easy to use and powerful as Google Docs, but without giving up all rights to your content or having your collaborators surveilled by Google.

This workshop will show you how to use the many possibilities of editing text and code simultaneously. How you can share a set of documents with your team, and prepare a presentation online or even calculate your next project with spreadsheets.

This and many more possibilites are at your disposal and you'll learn how to make the most out of it.

This is an interactive workshop, so please bring your laptop with you.