Camp++ 0x7e5

“container management with podman-tools” Hans Freitag · Fun (60 minutes)

I will show you how to operate containerized applications with podman-tools which is a tool suite around podman to orchestrate containers on standalone servers.

“Building a DIY zero-trust SSH CA” dnet · Talk (30 minutes)

Managing SSH access in a secure and transparent manner without bloat

“Kitchen datacenter” nu · Talk (30 minutes)

An overview about how I run my services

“The Art of Hacking book presentation” JRW · Talk (30 minutes)

The Art of Hacking is a monograph I recently published on the intersections between hacker culture and visual arts.

“A historical NSA backdoor” s · Talk (30 minutes)

The dutch built a device in the early 80ies which was able to DES encrypt and tranceive messages via phone lines. The NSA had them all bought up from the market and provided the manufacturer an updated firmware image with a different encryption algorithm.

“A kibercsalók (scammers) és Én (!! HU !!)” D3v · Talk (30 minutes)

Vicces és érdekes történetek a scammer társadalomról és a velük való találkozásomról.

“Fuzzing Firefox” Buherátor · Talk (30 minutes)