Camp++ 0x7e4

“Climbing the SPHINX” dnet · Talk (30 minutes)

The journey of porting it to Android and the detours of fixing design vulnerabilities.

“Contact Tracing” s · Talk (30 minutes)

I've been reviewing and also implementing corona contact tracing protocols. if you're curious what i learned, come and listen.

“Lightning talks” Various Artists · Talk (30 minutes)

5 to 10 minutes talks

“80TB of science on a budget” anonymous · Talk (30 minutes)

I have an archive copy of ~80TB of scientific papers. Here's what I do to stay on top of it without investing in premium hardware.

“Malware analysis: Why and How - an introduction” a2b2c2 · Talk (30 minutes)

In this talk we present a short and hopefully gentle introduction to Malware Analysis by dissecting a Word document that you may find attached to a typical phishing e-mail. We argue that this type of investigation is a fun and useful way to learn basic Reverse Engineering.

“RF-Tools for” OE2LSP · Lightning talk (5 minutes)

“Tinkering with DMX” Bethlenke · Lightning talk (5 minutes)