Camp++ 0x7e7

“WTF FIDO2 U2F WebAuthn” dnet · Talk (30 minutes)

Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about modern 2FA for and beyond the web

“The Power of OPRFs” s · Talk (30 minutes)

OPRFs are a hot newish cryptographic primitive that on the surface is quite simple. It can be used for many great things. In this talk I give a short introduction into various types of OPRFS and how and where they are used.

“Encryption for data-at-rest, new directions” s · Talk (30 minutes)

In this talk I shortly present industry "best" practices for encryption of data-at-rest (DaR), then I introduce a novel system that brings DaR encryption into the 21st century and comes with much improved security guarantees than what we are all used to.

“What happened in Ukraine? (how to satellite imagery, entry level)” vrs · Lightning talk (5 minutes)

An old Soviet/Ukrainian ammo depot was blown up in May in Khmelnytskyi. Using public data, what can we find out about it?

“What to do with this tape library (campfire talk)” vrs · Talk (30 minutes)

An unnamed hyperscaler got rid of their tape backups and we got to keep a souvenir (about 5 tons of it). We want to use it for good but it proves challenging.