Camp++ 0x7e3

»Urban composting for geeks« Judit; Talk (30 minutes)

Managing a vermiculture in a flat has its own ups and downs. I'll teach you how to build one and give an insight to our adventures.

»Hacking for Future« eckartt; Talk (30 minutes)

We do change the world we are inhabiting, if we want or not. Therefore, we, working in the field of technology and data, should have a look at our possibilities to influence the direction: economically, ecologically, socially.

»The anatomy of guineafowl puffers« Hans Freitag; Workshop (30 minutes)

Let's have a look at OpenBSD from a beginners perspective.

»Unix vs web pentesting« dnet; Talk (30 minutes)

Combining small building blocks with pipes can be beneficial for web pentesters.

»Game Music Quiz« Hetti; Fun (60 minutes)

Game Music Quiz 20 Song Clips - 20 Games

»Why 48V is good for you« Zoé; Talk (30 minutes)

A 48V DC grid on the small scale reduces the need for AC/DC conversion, and provides efficiency gains not only for off-grid systems.

»The small 1*1 of passwords.« Hans Freitag; Talk (30 minutes)

lets talk about authentication

»Sweet Authorization Cookies« s; Talk (30 minutes)

Macaroons are super delicious, they are also a means to authorize and delegate authorization, forget JWT and other cookies, this is the real thing.

»Don't be evil: Googles plans for privacy« eckartt; Talk (30 minutes)

There have been some announcements on how Google is planning to enhance privacy within their realm. What are these plans and are they really benign?

»GnuPG vs Signal is like apples versus smart light bulbs!« Hans Freitag; Talk (30 minutes)

What you can do with GnuPG if you are not writing E-Mails.

»Karaoke (again)« MacLemon; Fun (60 minutes)

It's karaoke… …you sing a song you don't know the lyrics off. Everbody else get's drunk. What's not to like?

»Setting small fully redundant datacenter on a budget. How hard can it be?« Hans Freitag; Talk (30 minutes)

Spoiler: It turns out to be very hard!

»Remote controlled vehicles (RC), how do they even work? (Cars, quadcopters, boats there's more…)« MacLemon; Fun (60 minutes)

Remotely controlled vehicles are everywhere these days. Learn about the technology behind them and learn about the fun involved in actually building such things.

»Oldschool is still cool« Z; Fun (60 minutes)

History repeats itself. All the time. If we learn the lessons from the past and be mindful of what has already happened within the science of hacking, we can move forward, spending time and energy on creating new technology and techniques, and advancing the field. But we must never forget the ins...

»Encrypting data for the cloud like we mean it« rsdy; Talk (30 minutes)

Existing encrypted overlay filesystem solutions have tackled the easy problem: They encrypt. However, that alone doesn't hide a lot of interesting metadata: Which sized file was edited when. Let's dig into a filesystem design that balances practicality with hiding metadata in an untrusted storage...